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idk im bitching abt another fucking person calling realistic pokemon designs creepy. the entire thing is.... extremely bland and boring of an argument.

like i could go on abt people in general just.... not realizing that nature is just naturally fucked up?

like trying to flesh anything out into realistic behavior and a realistic environment will lead to uncomfortable realizations and concepts! sorry bitch!!!

like its more tangentially related to pokemon, but i guess its me complaining that more recent pokemon are "too dark" like. if youre trying to present a natural environment... not everything is gonna be sweet....

like im sorry youre opposed to fun, but mayhaps shut the fuck up?

do you ever see people hating on realistic pokemon designs and just realize how many people are boring as fuck

me watching other people online having healthy relationships and building their social circles

This might be possible to follow it from rooftop to rooftop.

Fantasy writer can imagine entire maps, new species, and systems of magic, but can’t imagine a world without sexism and homophobia smdh

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