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@somarasu you get thylacoleo carnifex, aka, the marsupial lion! this bad boy was the largest predatory mammal known to have existed in australia, and had specialized teeth that acted as shears!

@Ivafakename you get ambulocetus! an early ancestor of whales from pakistan, they were known to have descended from hoofed ancestors!

@Phoebe you get yi qi! they're my second favorite dinosaur, and yes, they did have membranous wings and feathers! i always call them irl dragons, because just look at that and tell me that isnt a dragon.

@8track you get diprotodon! a giant wombat who may or may not have been the inspiration for stories of the bunyip!

@skehmatics you get Megaloceros giganteus, or the irish elk! its one of the largest deer that ever lived, and probably went extinct from overhunting by early humans you get diplocaulus! people often post pictures of their reconstructions and call them "hammerhead salamanders" but nope. they went extinct around the early permian.

@davestridsr you get inostrancevia alexandri! they were the largest of the gorgonopsids, which were a type of early synapsid, often called a "mammal-like reptile". i actually own a plush of one of them!

@ishiima you get Thylacosmilus atrox, a type of saber-toothed marsupial and. look at it. look at that fucking face. i love it.

@Pyretta you get the passenger pigeon! while a much sadder tale than the other creatures i have shown so far, it is something very near and dear to my heart, and shows the reality of extinction.

we have the death date of the very last passenger pigeon, on September 1, 1914. at their peak, they numbered in 3 to 5 BILLION individuals, and in only a hundred years, none remained. it shows us why we must treasure our wildlife, and the destructive potential of the human race.

@mario you get megalosaurus! while not as impressive as some of the other creatures im showing, this is one of the dinosaurs with the most history, and the most changed in their reconstruction through time! today we know them as a theropod, a fast-running creature on two legs, but being one of the earliest known dinosaurs, well.... they started out as slow, sluggish, dim-witted, four legged creatures in their reconstructions!

@ishiku you get Caihong juji, a small feathered dinosaur, which we have proven to have iridescent feathers on its head, along with further black plumage!

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@JuniperDragon you get kaprosuchus! its name literally translates to "boar-croc", and you can tell why! they were probably terrestrial predators, so just imagine this thing trying to chase you down.

@rachel0964 you get a Chalicotherium! these things are.... weird. they're possibly a relative of horses and tapirs, but as you can see, they look nothing like any horses or tapirs alive today! theyre pretty much unclassifiable, with no direct living descendants.

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@samus YOU. YOU GET MY FAVORITE DINOSAUR EVER- SPINOSAURUS! i love them simply because of their history and how WEIRD they are. the first (and our only, for a while) skeleton of a spinosaurus was destroyed in WWII, then we found another skeleton, and scientists still are pretty hotly debating about the sheer nature of this pal. they're basically like a penguin and a crocodile had a baby, and that baby wanted to be a whale.

@trntechGodhead you get balaur bondoc! scientists still cant tell if this pal was a raptor or far more birdy than that, but they do know it had TWO gigantic claws on its feet, likely an adaptation caused by its island habitat!

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@Fergant you get dunkleosteus. because, quite frankly, only you are awesome enough to deserve this hella awesome armored fish from the devonian.

@nyapeta you get Atopodentatus! this poor marine reptile is well known for a particularly bad reconstruction that gave it a horrifying zipper mouth. first picture is the more accurate one!

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