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So this game is kinda like snake and Pac-Man at the same time, there's all these dots that millie has to eat but she gets longer so you gotta navigate the maze for dots while not bumping into yourself, and also you gotta find shoes and also there's a clock

It's neat!!

*filling out dating profile* Hi, my name is Morgan, I'm a nonbinary trans woman and I'm deeply emotional about fictional anthropomorphic races in video games that really deserve better

Thinking about the Wikipedia edit war over whether "Guy Standing sitting" was an appropriate caption and how they eventually protected the page and cropped the image.

Annoying Dog Accidentally Creates Timeless Masterpiece by Walking Across Keyboard

imagine being toby fox and putting out your very first game to universal critical acclaim and generally being considered one of the most important games ever made

"Dear cis people who put your pronouns on your 'hello my name is' name tags:
"Thank you.
"I automatically feel warmer toward you β€” regardless of your gender or presentation. I feel much more comfortable talking to you, because you already tell me you know a little about gender."

Blog post also includes a list of other good places to include your pronouns, like your email signature and your written or spoken introductions.

it still kinda baffles me I have two fiancees, three girlfriends and a boyfriend because of this fucking place

strong girl makes heart weak... please muscle girl hold me

like for REAL people should just confess their fedi crushes, I'M GETTING FUCKING MARRIED BECAUSE OF IT. if I had never told Lynne I liked her, we would never have started talking , never would have ended up dating and would never have ended up engaged

im cool and queer and fucked and gay and depressed and ugly and hot and enby and girl and drunk and high and braindead and upset and in love and i don't know what to do?

With its six-metre-long crystals, it's surely the most beautiful of all wild pigs.

@troubleMoney @Irina That's even worse than a cop. Rent-a-cops who think of themselves as cops are the lowest of the low rung of fascist fucks.

I hope he's run right off the fediverse.

@garfiald can i drop in here my favorite last year joke, russian meme "sight of cat / grace of potat"

getting pounded by a 800 pound gorilla to prove something

For Easter, I made this buff engineer girl, though I didn’t make her a bunny, but instead gazelle

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@goat : *says anything*
@ben : well, you know, in guild wars 2-

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