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seeing 'gamers' treat games as some life or death matter, some rite of passage thing, etc., always extremely weirds me out

you're talking about a video game, a hobby, a pastime,

The problem with making b/w refs of trolls is I then forget what color their blood is

I for one hold that it's perfectly reasonable for Dora the Explorer to have a knife. Those things are very useful for exploring!

As a homestuck legally I cannot say "Sometimes a spade is just a spade"

Oh shit y'all I managed to play an Akinator game with a character that's not even on the list

Anyway I realized one of my ocs would be the kind of person to run a youtube channel where he just taste tests extremely spicy things.

Do you ever just have a startling, but entirely logical conclusion about one of your ocs

Hey y'all I watched the new Fruits Basket episode
It's bad
I love it
I can't take this shit seriously sdjkjkdsf

liam is purble, and a hipster, and a dork, and therefore i have to love him

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NSFW Hot Take: Homestuck Edition 

nsfw, unsanitary kink 



When I roleplay Cronus I walk on a careful tightrope of "Awful no-good man" and "Not so unlikable that it ruins the writing" but sometimes people think I'm writing him sweetly and I'm very concerned when that happens.

So anyway now that that's out of my system how about those hot vampires.

"They're a product of their time" is useful for talking about like dated terminology or dated well-meaning approaches to things like justice, medicine, so on.

But the thing about using it to excuse someone's bigoted views is that whenever a form of bigotry exists, not only are the targets generally well against it, those targets have always had allies. People have known bad shit is bad. There's no excuse.

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